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Tuesday, April 15, 2008
Election thoughts

The results may be here. They may not be, and there may be many errors. Who knows.

Even if there are no errors, the parties are now going to sit down and run all kinds of permutations to get more seats, which means that the results are very likely to change.

Tabulation was hilarious. They didn't have the candidates file, and ended up only doing it with candidate numbers, which means that you could only tell who won based on the deafening screaming. The tabulation was over an hour late because they apparently didn't know what they were doing or something.

CalSERVE swept the executives, which was mildly surprising, since it seems like they should have been in a worse position than last year. Every race was a blowout aside from the one for President, which was fairly close.

The votes for the referendum were

Yes: 4458
No: 4570
Abstain: 1431

Which makes it a very close fail. Try again next year, SUPERB guys! (I'm sure they will)

CalSERVE did exceptionally well in the Senate, where they nabbed 8 seats for themselves, and also have the Co-op Movement seat, which may as well be included. That outnumbers Student Action at 8. BCR and SQUELCH! may provide a 10-member block to oppose the CalSERVE/Co-op/MSA block, also numbering 10, but Student Action always has more defectors than CalSERVE.

I believe that the drop dance that is sure to follow will benefit Student Action more than CalSERVE, as they seem to have had more total votes (judging by their position on the list of winners).

Kozak told me that he sent the vote file to Yaman, who hopefully will post it tonight. Kozak says he doesn't actually have it yet, and is waiting on the Elections Council Chair. With the way things have been going, we may not see the vote file for weeks.

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