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Sunday, March 16, 2008
Performance Review: Rebecca Coleman

Senator Rebecca Coleman's plans were:
Building Bridges Between Communities

The co-ops have not had a representative in the ASUC Senate for too long. If I am elected the co-ops will have the representation we need to secure ASUC resources and collaborate with other student organizations. As senator I will organize programming, workshops, and community service projects with student groups to ensure cross-community collaboration.
The Co-op representative to the Senate was actually unambiguously accomplished. I get the feeling I won't be saying that very often. As for the organizing... who knows?
Fighting for Environmental Sustainability

The UC Berkeley campus emits over 200,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year. As senator I will ensure that funds are allocated for "green" projects. I will bring my experience working with environmental groups to support environmental education, renewable energy, and green building at UC Berkeley.
I don't recall any actual funding being provided for "'green' projects." There was the effort to get the Bears Lair restaurants green certified, if that impresses you.
Ensuring Affordable Education and Housing

Due to rising student fees, many students cannot enjoy the world-class public education that UC Berkeley provides. As a co-oper I am committed to affordable education and housing. As a senator I will fight to reduce high student fees so that everyone, including members of historically underrepresented groups, can attend UC Berkeley and have an affordable place to live.
Sadly, we'll never know if her commitment to reducing student fees included actually voting against the one fee increase she could vote on, though if she wants to claim that she voted against it, she can. Reducing fees otherwise? Reducing housing costs? No success that I know of.

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