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Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Performance Review: Philip Kim

Oh, right. These things. Philip Kim is up next. Kim has a pretty extensive absence record when it comes to Senate meetings, but it's not like showing up to Senate meetings actually get things done.

One of the most important purposes of student government is effective communication with the student body. As a Senator, one of my goals is to devise new ways of getting information to the students, including weekly updates on a section of the ASUC website to raise awareness of ASUC policy.
Well, there are updates on the website. You can see for yourself how helpful (or weekly, for that matter) you think they are. I dunno what Kim actually had to do with it, though.

As a fall extension student, I never felt fully integrated with the campus. I hope to encourage fall extension students to become more involved in on-campus activities. I will work with the Fall Extension staff to plan new events that appeal to both fall extension students and on-campus freshmen so that they can become a cohesive freshman class.
Like I'm going to follow freshman team-building exercises. How integrated do you feel, extension folks?

I am an advocate and member of the Asian American community on campus and believe that it is important to represent this community in the ASUC. I hope to bring greater overall communication between Asian-American groups and the ASUC, as well as provide a voice for the community in the ASUC.
Because all Asian Americans form a single, monolithic community. Or should, I guess. Who knows?

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