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Sunday, March 16, 2008
Performance Review: Danielle Duong

Senator Danielle Duong's plans were:

Our health is in jeopardy. Cal students face too much stress and pressure from our demanding and never-ending workloads. Simultaneously, the disconnect between students and University Health Services (UHS) creates barriers to the healthcare students need at the Tang Center. I will bridge this gap by working closely with the Tang Center to make health services more visible, cut wait-time at Urgent Care, and ensure that student feedback is used to make positive changes at UHS.
I have no idea whatsoever. I avoid the Tang Center like the plague, because I'm afraid if I go I'll get the plague.

As diverse as Cal claims to be, our campus is in dire need of cross-cultural solidarity. Students struggle to establish connections outside of their comfort zones in fear of being judged and excluded. I will continue the fight for a safe space to share and hear each others' stories throught a Multicultural Center, and ensure that the new Vice Chancellor of Equity and Inclusion will work towards a more supportive and inclusive campus climate.
You can't really measure the progress, or lack thereof, on an ambiguous goal like this.

Currently, the ASUC does not reach out to all parts of campus to develop student leaders. The ASUC's resources and services should be available to all students. I will work to keep the ASUC accountable by ensuring that the internship program in each office is providing interns with valuable experiences and expanding ASUC opportunities to targeted student groups by organizing monthly forums with campus leaders.
I think I recall her going to tables on Sproul trying to get people to sign up for these forums. I also recall that the sign up sheet was blank when I saw it. I don't know if the forums were ever held, or if they accomplished anything.

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