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Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Performance Review: Daniel Galeon

Blah blah Senator Daniel Galeon. The fourth.
Funding Retention and Professional Development Programs

Retention-based student groups, professional development programs, and honor societies are continually faced with inadequate funding to support their services. These services benefit the campus community at large. As a Senator, I will work to increase their funding and encourage greater student involvement in these professional groups.
Budgeting not done yet! Can't really judge.
Community Network within the ASUC

Student voices are not given the amount of consideration they deserve at ASUC Senate meetings. As a Senator, I will work in conjunction with the Academic Affairs Vice President and the Senate to establish forums for students to build networks and share resources. I will also support cultural and social awareness seminars for ASUC elected officials.
How aware is your Senator? How's your network doing? Again, I don't have any information to talk about this.
Increasing Campus Safety

90% of reported campus crimes involve theft. As a Senator, I will provide resources to organizations that work to reduce this crime and advocate for increasing safety-related programs on campus such as blue-light emergency poles, late-night security during library study-hours, and the Bearwalk program.
As a male, I take great risks with my safety, so I don't actually use any of these services. Are they doing better now than they were?

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the only one i can judge from personal knowledge is bearwalk... they are facing massive budget cuts, inefficient managements, shitty time budgeting of the supervisors, 90% of their bikes are broken or break often (chains, brakes, seats), etc.-- so he definitely hasn't helped to increase the actual benefits of bearwalk, or to help decrease the drawbacks. Also, they have less CSO's on shift at a time because of the budget cuts, which means longer waits for escorts.
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