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Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Performance Review: Corey Jackson

Moving the fuck on. (This is really becoming more about just reminding people what these folks said before, so you can judge for yourself) Corey Jackson.

Berkeley's rich history of activism seems to have given way to the individual, and the focus tends to be on their life's trajectory. I yearn for that passion, that sense of community, and I celebrate those student groups who suspend the tendency to focus on the self, and look outwards, toward the community and support a cause larger than themselves. It is this ardor for student activism that compels me to bring these groups to the forefront of campus consciousness.
I'm not sure he said anything there besides "I'm a communist and I hate individuals!" That's not a plan, so judging its success is difficult.

As one of the finest higher education institutions in the world, Berkeley should be the premier destination for leaders in the world of academia, politics, and pop culture. There is a serious disparity between Berkeley's guest lecturers and that of other colleges with similar academic reputations. I intend to pursue a large-scale speaker series on campus that will bring powerful speakers to Berkeley who will engage the student population.
I don't remember any speakers of great power this year. There certainly hasn't been a surge in such speakers.

Berkeley's financial aid system is fragmented and hindered by unnecessary bureaucracy, leaving students feeling confused and helpless. It is the ASUC's responsibility to establish an intermediary between the financial aid office and students. Doing so will introduce clarity and accountability, which the financial aid process currently fails to provide to students.
The university pays me to teach, so I don't need financial aid, but I don't know of any intermediary being established.

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