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Nap Time!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Minutes? More like hours!

I have the minutes from last week's ASUC meeting, but I don't really feel like digging through 67 pages of whining right now. I'll just direct your attention to these amusing thoughts after passage of the referendum bill:
Mr. Chow said this had to go back to UCOP, which will amend it, and it would then have to come back to the Senate, and there was a Friday deadline for referenda. He asked if it was possible to call a Special Meeting to just approve the amendments to go back on the ballot.

On a point of information, Ms. Patel asked how she would call a Special Meeting. Ms. Allbright said notice of a Special Meeting had to be given at least 48-hours before the Special Meeting. A "notice" was defined as a posting on the doors of the Senate Chambers and other conspicuous places, and notifying Officers and the Senate Aide. A Special Meeting was at the call of the President, the Executive VP, or five Senators.

Ms. Patel asked if they could bring this up again on Wednesday night. Ms. Allbright said main motions required a posting of at least one week. Mr. Weiner said it could be reconsidered and brought back. Ms. Allbright said that would be out of order. Things had to be reconsidered at the meeting they were considered. Mr. Weiner said a motion to amend something previously adopted would be in order. The Senate could consider any UCOP amendments to the language, and the Senate could approve the Referendum in that way.
Are we going to get this bullshit again? Listen, fuckers. If you find yourself running out of time to get all the approvals necessary for your referenda, start proposing them before the last possible minute. It's not that complicated. They'd better damn well hope that the Judicial Council will let them do what they're planning, because I intend to make them justify it this year. And that case won't be filed until the week before elections, when the minutes of tomorrow's meeting come out, and when, coincidentally, they'll be enjoying the stress-free campaign lifestyle.

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