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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Gabe Weiner is taking advantage of the ASUC Elected Officials Blog to target Roxanne Winston's support for the tree sitter amnesty thing. I'm loving it, and hope that the blog becomes a place for ASUC Senators to argue and shout at each other, but I'm expecting that folks are going to clamp down on it before it gets too interesting, because actual conflict between elected officials is immensely troublesome for the ASUC establishment.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 3/11/2008 05:55:00 PM #
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Is this really the kind of discussion you "love?" Come on, it's the crudest interpretation of a bill I've seen this year. The vindictive and vitriolic tone makes it pretty easy to see that Weiner is willing to mis characterize the bill's source and intention in order to mount a personal attack. The fact that already Senator Winston, Kuo, Shams, Jackson, and Du'ong have agreed to co-sponsor the bill undermines Weiner's attempt to attach it to Roxanne Winston.
That's a process I typically refer to as "politics." I find these discussions to be far more illuminating on the issues than the sterile "respectful" discourse we're supposed to have, and that the Daily Cal pretends we have. It's in times of stress and conflict that we see the actual beliefs and how they're acted on.

If no one else plays, though, you're right, it won't be all that useful. This is why corporations rarely engage the idiotic rhetoric of their complainers, because they would tip their hand about what they really believe. I fully expect the Senate to do exactly the same thing. But student government is not an independent corporation, and I want to know what it's doing, and what it wants to do.
look at Yaman trying to defend his love affair bill with Roxanne.
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