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Nap Time!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

So, of course, the Senate voted for the fee increase last night (this morning, actually). I'm told it was a voice vote, so we'll never know who voted for it or against it, or, for that matter, if it even got the 11 votes it needed to pass. CalSERVE may have done their usual silence-at-voice-vote thing where they didn't actually stop the referendum but will tell all their friends that they didn't vote for it.

Thanks to Gabe Weiner for forwarding the amendments to me. I don't see why those amendments couldn't instead be sent to some kind of public record somewhere so we don't have to bug individual senators for them. There were changes to the composition of the committee, and, of course, they added "Hey, money for financial aid" to the end of the ballot question because it's easier to manipulate voters that way.

In other ASUC news, the flier wars have begun, and I've seen a few torn down. I'm really hoping that one of these years the ASUC passes a change to the By-Laws that demands campaigners respect city property as well as university property, but that would require them to give up some of their power, so they'll never vote for it.

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