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Monday, March 31, 2008

Election season is upon us! Thoughts!

The chalking seems more haphazard and busy than I remember it being last year.

The advertising for the SUPERB spring concert seems pretty aggressive, moreso I recall for previous years. They're putting up fliers on trash cans, poles, etc. It's almost as if they're running an ASUC election campaign. They aren't, of course. That would be wrong.

In a totally unrelated topic, the Save SUPERB folks are out advocating for their fee increase, with flags and everything. They've also got fliers, which are the same black-on-yellow style as those spring concert fliers (totally a coincidence, I'm sure). One of them asks if we want to see Jurassic 5 and Living Legends at the Greek Theatre again. They can't, though, due to budget cuts. And yet strangely, they can host the "biggest concert this campus has seen in over 6 years" on that shoestring budget by bringing the Counting Crows. Go figure.

the Jurassic 5 concert occurred in the spring of 2003, which means that, if my math is correct, this concert on their horribly atrophied budget is even bigger than that. It also means that pretty much nobody who was around back then is still around to wonder if they can hear them "again."

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"save superb" is a brilliant complete lie slogan
1) I have not seen the Southside chalking, but the chalking on Northside looks horrible. I've seen grade school kids be more artistic and legible.

2) I agree, the "Save Superb" slogan is like giving financial aid to a student who has everything paid for but wants more money for a Mac Air laptop.

If Superb could just cut the crappy stuff they'd have funds for something good perhaps.
well at least i know not to go now.
Isn't the Greek ridiculously expensive? I worked in OP last year and remember them trying to get a lot of money just to rent that out. I would think lower sproul is a lot less which is probably why they can provide an awesome show, but just not in the Greek as it used to be.
"biggest concert this campus has seen in over 6 years" are Eugene Chow's words, not mine. If they can do awesome for cheaper, they should, rather than begging for money.
they have gotten a huge discount for counting crows then. they haven't released an album in a really long time, and didn't the lead singer go to Cal? man, people who graduate need to leave campus. it's like those freshmen who can't make friends in college and keep visiting teachers from high school. grad students can be the same way, but i think most learned by that age that they look pathetic holding onto undergrad life. apparently adam duritz didn't.
iono maybe amazing things can happen on a "shoestring" budget because the entertainment industry is all about negotiations and who you know...and if you're competent you can manage to swing some pretty big things...that's terribly negative for people to automatically assume things...we should all be fairly happy that we're having a big concert for free...i like free music and all so it's pretty exciting for me
counting crows suck. they honestly aren't that big of a band. if you want to bring a berkeley led band back that is actually big, bring green day.

fuck counting crows.
Adam Duritz is often seen hanging about on the Cal sidelines at football. That hair is just silly on a man his age.
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