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Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Candidates' Meeting

I was at the candidates' meeting today. Some things to report:

There's apparently a one-man party running for three offices, called the "1000 year party" or some such. I support the wide proliferation of such parties. There is also a Co-operative Movement (or maybe Cooperative Movement) party.

I/Chris will post a candidates' list if we get it.

Interestingly, on the sign-in sheet, parties had abbreviations for their names. Student Action was SA, CalSERVE was CS, etc. FUCK, however, was **, which I found pretty hilarious.

The university has taken the "no chalking at all on sidewalks adjacent to university property" view as they did last year, which means no 50% rule.

One individual (CalSERVE affiliated, I believe) was checking this blog while we were sitting there, and started making a comment which began "Dear Beetle." I told her she could just tell me what she wanted to say, and she was quite surprised to find me there, and said she would ask later. I'm still waiting. If you're reading this, mystery CalSERVE girl, let your thoughts be known! We can even go out to coffee, if you like.

This Elections Council has a very odd concept of randomness. There were 11 parties, but they only had 10 little slips of paper. So when determining the order of parties, the 11 parties down on a single sheet of paper, and then drew numbers out of the hat to give them the order. SQUELCH! was the 11th party on the list, which was then automatically assigned position 11. The randomness, supposedly, was that the Elections Council Chair wrote them down in the order he was holding the filing statements, and those filing statements weren't in any particular order. Hence random, I guess.

Anyway, since FUCK isn't running any Senators, they redid it and it all worked out, though I'm not sure SQUELCH! benefited, since being 11th means being on the top of half of the ballots.

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