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Sunday, March 16, 2008
ASUC Elections Thoughts

Last year, my election predictions were so wrong that I don't think I'm going to bother making them this year.

I also know very little about most of the executive slates that matter, this year. Roxanne Winston will get clobbered by Curtis Lee (Oops, I guess that's a prediction), but I know nothing about the other CalSERVErs. For that matter, the only other SAer I know anything about is Christian Osmeña, who I hope loses because there's no "ñ" key. Even though Grace Shen is in the Senate, I don't recall seeing much noise out of her.

This is the first time I remember where Student Action reran one of their executives. Running against Roxanne, Student Action could've thrown pretty much anyone they felt like and still pulled off a victory, probably.

I won't be saying much about BEARS-United or FUCK on the blog for the same reason as last year. In any case, in the scheme of actual election results, they don't really matter, though I suppose I could imagine a scenario where they get in SQUELCH!'s way.

Speaking of SQUELCH!, Gabe Weiner has not been making pals, and the party may suffer for it.

Anyway, knock yourselves out in comments with wild accusations and false rumors.

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i hear the FUCK candidate was caught up in a bathroom stall sex scandal.
It's only a scandal if they deny it.
Why are you so sure that Curtis will win? He was a pretty poor campaigner last year.
Because his opponent is Roxanne Winston.
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