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Wednesday, March 12, 2008
ASUC Elections Roundup

Whee! It's easier for me to just post a summary of ASUC elections stuff I've noticed since the last time I bothered to post, so let's do that.

Yaman's response to Gabe's post on the ASUC blog mysteriously vanished, and has been reposted. Yaman said Gabe was censoring him, and Gabe said it was an accident while playing around with admin settings.

Some dude started CalSUCK to criticize CalSERVE.

There's been some discussion on the webcam. There currently is a functional webcam here, but being able to see some guy talking isn't really much use, if you ask me. A podcast is what's really needed, but there's no sound system in place for it. The discussion started because some guy on one of my posts talked about how awesome CalSERVE was for getting it working, but I'm unimpressed.

Supposedly, on that page, there'll be notes or something by the chair and vice chair of the Senate while things are going on. Whether they'll be particularly informative or not remains to be seen, and I guess we might find out tonight.

The Daily Cal published an article on the CalSERVE press release, using a picture directly from it. The picture is credited to a "Sean Jain," who is apparently an Irish-American. Shawn Jain, on the other hand, is the CalSERVE signatory. I wonder if the Daily Cal should be obligated to mention that when they use the picture from the press release.

Another comment from the comments asks whether it makes sense to run someone who isn't a Senator for the Executive Vice President position, on the assumption that having been in the Senate is a boon for being able to run it. I'm not entirely sure it's a good thing for someone from the Senate crowd to be running the Senate, as it breeds complacency with the way things are, even when it's clearly wrong. (e.g. There's still a one-week turnaround before we find out what the Senate did, and we never know if they'll completely change it in the minutes)

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 3/12/2008 06:48:00 PM #
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Being a Senator would be helpful, but should not be viewed as a prerequisite for being EVP. As long as the person knows Robert’s Rules, has seen a few meetings, and knows any relevant bylaws there should be no problem. For example, I went to a bunch of Senate meetings my sophomore year and I think I could do a good job as chair.
Also, wasn't one of the current execs not a senator last year? EAVP Montes right?
The Executive Vice President's job includes presiding over the Senate, which makes the relevance of Senate experience dramatically different from the EAVP.
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