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Friday, February 22, 2008
Well, no

Continuing the error train, the Daily Cal writes about this ad:
The ad includes footage of council members and Mayor Tom Bates saying they have no reason to apologize for their stance...
It does indeed include Max Anderson and Dona Spring saying that the city has no need to apologize. Tom Bates doesn't say anything like that, though. (He said the recruiters should leave)

By the way, that ad is sooooo terrible. It makes me cry out in pain. The pointing, the "you"ing, the saluting... ugh. It hurts my soul. Interestingly, in the opening cut, they have 6 black-and-white pictures of City Council dudes. I don't recognize the second on the left, though process of elimination suggests it's Dona Spring (but I don't recognize it as her... can anyone tell?). The point I want to make, though, is that one of the folks there is Laurie Capitelli, who voted for the apology. (He voted for the hate mail resolution they're talking about, so it's not necessarily "wrong" for him to be there, but since he then apologized, as the ad is saying the City Council should do, it seems kind of unfair)

I love how Ross Lingenfelder is open about how Move America Forward is going to turn the City Council's actions into donations.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 2/22/2008 12:56:00 AM #
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seems like this whole thing was the perfect opportunity for bcr folk to get national money and attention... and not just from the media.

not that i want that, of course.
Beetle: Well, if you watch the NBC 11 report, Tom Bates makes your point moot. He says explicitly he will not apologize to those Marine recruiters. Poor Mayor Bates is so pathetic as to not recognize that the recruiters are troops just like every other man and woman who serves this nation.

Hi beetle: 2 other points I should have made. One I made at Britney Gilbert's blog. That is that the audio of the ad starts out by pointing out what happened on January 29th - and Capitelli certainly was part of the 6 votes.

I also explained in my comment at her blog about how Capitelli and Worthington both did support the effort to apologize, however, I also pointed out that Worthington was rather disengenous given that he was helping to organize anti-war protestors to turn out to support what the Council had done. That's appalling hypocrisy. But, whatever, he wanted to make sure he looked reasonable on TV.

Finally - the finger-pointing, saluting, etc... that makes
By the way, that makes you, "cry out in pain. The pointing, the "you"ing, the saluting... ugh. It hurts my soul."

Well we don't have any regret about the inclusion of those components in the ad.

In fact we're very proud of all that our military families and vets said in the ad, so my apologies to your soul, but we stand by the content of the ad - with a pride that the Berkeley City Council cannot stand with when it comes to their actions.
I'm aware that Bates didn't want to apologize. I didn't have to watch the news to get that, because I watched the meeting. But he isn't shown saying that in the ad, which is what the news story said. I assume you aren't familiar with this blog, which makes accuracy in reporting at our student paper a priority.

Your comment about Capitelli suggests illiteracy, because I noted the very point you made in the post.

I don't know who Britney Gilbert is, or why I should be familiar with her blog. What did Worthington actually do?
Turn the City Council's actions into donations? Sure, and then turn around and buy time on television. If anyone's getting rich off of this, it's TV outlets.
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