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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Since it wasn't entirely clear from any story, there were two votes on the military thingie. The first vote was for Kriss Worthington's motion to change the motion to include an apology.

Yes: Laurie Capitelli, Betty Olds, Kriss Worthington, Gordon Wozniak

No: Dona Spring

Abstain: Linda Maio, Darryl Moore, Max Anderson, Tom Bates

It failed. The other vote was the letter rescinding/replacing (it's not clear which) thingie.

Yes: Linda Maio, Darryl Moore, Max Anderson, Dona Spring, Laurie Capitelli, Kriss Worthington, Tom Bates

No: Betty Olds, Gordon Wozniak

Olds said she was opposed because it didn't have an apology, and I imagine Wozniak was, too, in addition to it not including the other statement which said they support Code Pink in their efforts to make things difficult for the recruiters.

You can see video of the meeting here. Click the relevant video link. The councilfolks talking about it comes at the end, starting around 5:13. There's a break where we have to listen to the terrible, terrible radio station which, for some reason, broke in. It's apparently the only radio station to have a blog (?). Be sure to listen to Dona Spring's speech, somewhere around 5:45. She sounds more and more like a witch as she talks.

Bates: We have the most per capita homeless Vietnam vets. That demonstrates how much we care about our troops.

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i don't get the bates comment. i'm assuming he was being serious, in which case the implication is that because berkeley cares about troops it lets homeless vets live on the streets. what is the alternative? i can think of two: providing shelters, or running them out of town.

if he was being sarcastic then, well, that's just rude.
I think his idea was that, since we're so nice to our vets, they want to come here.
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