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Monday, February 04, 2008

I'm far too lazy to find out who to point this out to, or to take action myself, so here's my ASUC PSA.

The ASUC Wikipedia page continues to erroneously identify the ASUC as Cal's "Undergraduate student government," when it is, in fact, the student government for all Cal students. Not being the type to police the internet, I'm certainly not going to fix it, but if anyone feels like it, knock yourself out.

In a somewhat less forgivable offense, the ASUC website denies tens of thousands of ASUC members their role by writing:
The Associated Students of the University of California are the elected representatives of the UC Berkeley student body.
No, actually the Associated Students of the University of California are the students of the University of California... and they're associated, you see. Every student who votes is a member, and there are probably more members than that (the current defintion is unconstitutional, but no one has actually fixed it). In any case, trying to limit it to the elected officials, or even any officials, is simply false, and telling members that they aren't members probably isn't really the best way to greet students.

In other news, it is no longer accurate to say:
We are a member of the University of California Student Association (UCSA), the coalition of student governments from all UCcampuses.
UCSA chased UC Davis out of the association. It's sort of impolite to claim their support.

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What makes it better is that both the UC Davis grad and undergrad associations have voted in favor of no longer being represented by UCSA. In addition to this, the undergrad's constitution specifically states that ASUCD does not recognize UCSA as representing the system wide UC student body.
PS: Quotes are fun!

"Section 1. ASCUD hereby recognizes UCSA as an official system-wide representative body of University of California students, so long as UCSA recognizes ASUCD as a member in good standing with all rights and privileges guaranteed by the UCSA Charter and bylaws."

~From The Student Representation Act found in the ASUCD constitution.
I was under the impression that UC Davis ran out in a huff...
I heard it had something to do with UCSA voting to disenfranchise its own members. Though saying UCD ran out in a huff wouldn't be the first time UCSA has lied to itself.
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