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Nap Time!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I stopped by the protest outside "City Hall" today in the vicinity of 2 pm. Megan was there snapping photos, so keep your eye on the Patriot blog for those.

I cursorily counted 58 police officers, many in riot gear, and there were probably more. There wasn't any evidence that they were needed though, as the event seemed pretty peaceful. Maybe things will get rougher as we approach 7 pm.

On the side of the actual building, the Code Pink folks had set up camp. And I mean camp. They had tents and everything, since they had been there since 7 pm the previous day. I asked a lady there about Fred Phelps, but apparently the Westboro Baptist Church hadn't made an appearance. Maybe they'll show up later, or maybe they canceled.

The Code Pink side was pretty tame. None of the pro-troop folks were on the Code Pink side. The reverse was not true, though. On the other side of the street, the pro-troop folks were mingling and blasting music and such, while Code Pink and World Can't Wait mingled with them, arguing and such. Many of them seemed at an age where they ought to have been in school.

I left just as Melanie Morgan started her rally.

"Who here has lost a loved one for this country"


Yeah. They were chanting "USA! USA!" as I left earshot.

Update: Did I mention the Semper Fi plane?

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