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Nap Time!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

That's National Association for the Advancement of Cop People. It seems like they're needed to respond to (real) NAACP dude Allen Jackson:
Allen Jackson, president of the Berkeley Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, called Thursday for the dismissal and criminal prosecution of officer Cummings.

"I think he needs to be removed from his position and tried for murder," Jackson said.

In response to the police statement that the officer was acting in defense of Gay’s family, Jackson responded, "One of her daughter's was grazed by a bullet the officer fired. He almost took out two."

The NAACP official said he had not talked to any eyewitnesses to the event, "but I am basing my statement on experience and what I know has happened in the neighborhood. It is the policy of law enforcement to shoot first."
However, it is apparent that the only thing in the mind of a Berkeley Police Officer is to kill, especially any African American that they can.
"I don't know nothin' but that them colored folks just wanna kill us!" Oh, wait, sorry, I thought I was in the South, behaving in the manner that required the establishment of the NAACP in the first place. No, this time the prejudice goes against the cops.

Anyway, with his statement that police are just out to kill blacks, he also says:
This latest incident further exacerbates the tensions between the police and the African American community.
I sort of feel that Mr. Jackson is contributing a bit to those tensions, too.

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He thinks that all Berkeley police officers want to do is to kill African Americans...

So he is calling for the firing of Officer RASHAWN Cummins...
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