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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Berkeley's joyful view of the military is being discussed at The Volokh Conspiracy. My favorite comment so far:
You war mongers want to put a military recruiting office next door to the cannabis buyer's club and Good Vibrations! There goes the neighborhood!
Ilya Somin makes the mistake of spelling PhoeBe as Phoebe (and sorgen as Sorgen, I suppose), as if there were normal people in Berkeley.

In other news, check out this hypocrisy:
The dedicated parking space "is showing favoritism to one side of the argument," Wozniak said, adding, "My concern is giving a parking space in front of the Marine Recruiting Center seems confrontational."


"It's not favoritism," said PhoeBe Sorgen, a member of Code Pink and the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists Social Justice Committee. Rather, it's following the Berkeley "tradition to stand up for peace," she said.
Standing up for a particular position against another is called "favoritism."

Councilmember Betty Olds, who originally intended vote against the resolution, said she changed her mind, especially listening to one of the speakers who is a 90-year-old peace activist. Olds said it would have been hypocritical of her to oppose the resolution, since she, like many others in Berkeley, "found a psychiatrist who said their kids were all crazy to get them out of the [Vietnam] war."
It would be hypocritical of her to now respect the military because she lied to them before......

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Not only that, but sorgen is wrong in your quote. She likes her "paternal name" in all lower case.
Can Berkeley really zone away the Federal Government?

Isn't there already some law against this? And if not, wouldn't such a law come through in a hot minute?
Maybe after the primary, when the Republican party gets into unified campaign mode.
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