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Wednesday, January 23, 2008
Pick the prezident!

You fail!
The University of California Students Association announced yesterday afternoon that they had registered more than 12,300 new voters for the Feb. 5 election, just short of its goal of 14,000.
I imagine that the wording means that there were fewer than 12,400 new voters registered. Is this really "just short" of 14,000? That's not even 90% of the way there.
"Every once in awhile, I get down or depressed about where this country is going and I have been for the last few days," Dynes said.
Do we really want a depressed person running our university? Depression is a serious mental illness, and he should get it treated, rather than continuing a high-stress job like UC President. Meanwhile, someone who wasn't crazy could run things.
"It only takes two minutes. That's what I tell people when I do voter registration, and if you think about it—the power to vote, the power to voice and the power to change—it only takes two minutes to get this power. Why not do it?" said Kao Thao, an intern for the ASUC external affairs office.
Because it takes two minutes? Because you don't feel like serving on a jury? Because "the power to voice and the power to change" isn't what you get when you have one vote out of thousands/millions/hundreds of millions (depending on the level of the election)?

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