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Tuesday, January 29, 2008
My candidate is better than yours

First of all, whoever is responsible for the images on the opinion page in today's Daily Cal (this is the only one I found online) should probably be fired. They could easily have included twice as much content, who knows how much money worth of advertising, or just left it pleasantly blank, rather than including these vacuous pictures which add absolutely nothing to the discourse and are undisguised attempts by artists and designers to make themselves feel relevant on a page where they simply aren't.

The Obama piece from Sid Radhakrishnan has an interesting line:
While little separates the Democratic candidates, Obama stands out in planning to provide $4,000 tax credits to college students, no income tax for senior citizens making less than $50,000 per year and tax reform for the middle class. Obama's health care policy focuses on lowering costs while mandating coverage for children. He promises gradual reduction of emissions 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050. Beneath the promises lies sacrifice all of us must be willing to make-sacrifices to which I am committed.
So make those sacrifices, if you're committed. What does Obama have to do with them? If we're all willing to make those sacrifices, Obama becomes a non-issue. No, no, what Radhakrishnan actually means is that these sacrifices must be enforced using the government's police power, but I sort of object to the characterization of such sacrifices as "willing." Whether Radhakrishnan personally is committed makes no difference to anybody and isn't even tangentially related to a debate on government policy.

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Good points. The fact is Obama is inspiring people like Sid to make sacrifices. He spent his winter-break and his money campaigning for Obama in Iowa. He stayed in a horse-barn with limited hot-water and skipped many meals, which is indeed a sacrifice.

Sid's proud dad.
Obama becomes a necessity because of the sacrifices required by Americans to tackle problems. Why? Here's why;

Our problems have existed for decades due to lack of resolve to make sacrifices. Living beyond our means, spending not from income but from borrowed credit. Further politicians have been unable to solve substantial problems because coalitions often dissipate into the abyss of rancor and bitter divisiveness. Also, there has been a lack of bipartisanship but not a lack of good ideas. Obama has the gifted ability of building a coalition of Democrats, Independents and Republicans. He has called this nation to do more, be more and has aroused a swell of support for his cause. The movement is made of people like us requiring our sacrifices, but it is Obama who has sounded the clarion call for our support.
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