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Nap Time!!!

Thursday, January 03, 2008
Mom, fix things and make them better!

Surprisingly, the Chron doesn't like the primary system as it works now.
For dubious historical reasons, Iowa and New Hampshire are conceded first chance to draw blood. Defenders say both states take the process seriously, and participants can quiz contenders directly on a snowy sidewalk.

Sorry, but that's not good enough.
Not good enough? 'Enough' implies a standard we're reaching for. What standard is failed? Satisfying the editors of the San Francisco Chronicle? A tragedy.

But it gets better:
The candidates themselves will never complain, for fear of antagonizing voters in states at the head of the pack. It should be time for Congress to play designated driver and take control.
Immediately, the solution must be federal control and regulation. There's not even the slightest nod to states' rights or parties' rights, no thought about what constitutional authority Congress has to tell states when to hold primary elections, or even a recognition that such issues may actually matter. No, instead, anytime something the Chron doesn't approve of happens, Congress needs to take control immediately. You don't get much more stereotypically big government authoritarian than this.

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i could appreciate the parties rights argument if we had more than two.
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