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Friday, January 04, 2008

Nobody I know voted for him:
What's nice about taking a midwinter break is that it provides an opportunity to poll the delegation: to inquire of the citizenry about what's on their minds. Holiday parties are great for taking informal surveys, discretely of course. The best thing about residents of the urban East Bay is that they rarely agree on much, so when they do, it’s news.
Using this method, Becky O'Malley is going to draw conclusions. Here's an interesting one:
Berkeleyans are plenty mad at the University of California, as are residents of El Cerrito and Richmond, who also live near branches of the UC fiefdom. They've finally started to notice that the uglier aspects of the no-longer-lovely UC Berkeley campus are metastasizing into their pleasant urban neighborhoods. Some are threatened by the toxic legacy of years of the University of California's devil-may-care experimentation. And many of these angry citizens are UC alumni, faculty and/or employees embarrassed by Alma Mater's licentious behavior. Some are even football fans. They all pay taxes to support UC.
I wonder if she realizes that everyone in the state pays taxes to support UC. As an opponent of indvidual benefit and a supporter of collective good, she really ought to understand that having Berkeley people suffer for UC is the right choice.

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i wonder if her discrete surveys are administered discreetly
am i not a "Berkeleyan" if i am a student?
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