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Friday, December 07, 2007

There is nothing I could possibly write in response to this op-ed by some tree sitters. In shame, I'm going to run home to my mother. My real mother, not my Earth Mother.

I will never run to my Earth Mother, nor would she care if I did. She's never had a word of kindness for me, and never does anything for anyone. Sure, my real mother had to use her to provide for me, but that's just because my Earth Mother is so indifferent to my suffering she couldn't even be bothered to object.

My Earth Mother is also everyone else's Earth Mother. A deadbeat mother, who vaguely has a role in her children's existence, but not out of any desire on her part. She sloppily lets children be born without the slightest thought of how to provide for them, and then pretends like she doesn't know them, even as they cling to her for dear life. Mother? Not even close. She's no mother. She's a queen, but not even that, because a queen has the duty to protect her subjects as she demands their loyalty.

She is an indifferent goddess, filled with power we have no choice but to rely on. Those who refuse face death. Those who accept may very well face death, too, as she freely destroys her "children" on random whim. An earthquake that killed thousands? No problem. She's got plenty more where they came from. She is not a goddess of beauty and mercy, but a goddess in the Greek tradition, a mere aspect of existence, never worried about those she gives birth to, for they are not her charges, and she feels no responsibility towards them.

Defending your Earth Mother? Are you so proud of that? Are you so proud of defending the existence that chains us all to her whim, to her power, to her strength, and then cares nothing for our fate? And then, when we have the temerity to stand up for ourselves and build ourselves a better life, to fight for the happiness and comfort that our so-called Earth Mother never bothered to provide, she turns around and threatens to wreak havoc upon us for having the temerity to disobey the unspoken, unknown rules she refused to teach us. Instead, she taught us rules that we obeyed and built around, advancement which turned out to be the very taboo she had forbidden. Nuclear weapons are nothing compared to the injustice perpetrated by this contradictory tyrant. And these enablers and apologists who stand up for this whimsical, genocidal goddess happily criticize their brothers and sisters in the Bush administration for atrocities that are mere pebbles in comparison, for they are drawn to attacking the weak while prostrating themselves to the strong, as all cowards are.

She is the one who has made this into a war, one we cannot possibly win. What are we to do? Shall we become obsequious sheep and bow and scrape at our Earth Mother's feet, condemning ourselves to eternal suffering to placate her? That's the path of the slave. No, those of us with any measure of pride will spend our short lives fighting for the future, freeing it by destroying it, as that is the only path to freedom we have been given.

Alternatively, maybe the Earth isn't really a sacred, spiritual entity. Maybe it's just a rock with some trees sticking out. You can pick whichever theory suits you.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 12/07/2007 12:13:00 AM #
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