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Nap Time!!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007
Exclamation mark!

Mr. Jackson asked if he thought it was appropriate that ASUC resources like the computer and the printer were used to put materials of a political nature, specifically referring to campus politics. Mr. Nguyen said he would need to have more context in order to give an answer, and he would be happy to talk to Mr. Jackson off the floor. Mr. Jackson said he saw materials for a particular political party on campus in the printer. So he just wanted to know if Mr. Nguyen was aware that ASUC resources were actually being used for that purpose. Mr. Nguyen said no, he didn't think that was appropriate.
Well, don't leave us hanging, Corey! We need some drama for winter break!
Mr. Wu said that going back to Sen. Jackson's point, he asked Mr. Nguyen if he was aware that there was political party material in the printer. Mr. Nguyen said he wasn't. Ms. Allbright said that printer was not Mr. Nguyen's and was not in his office as that room was not allocated to the President's office. Mr. Wu objected. As a point of order, Ms. Allbright said she was answering a question that was asked. On a point of personal privilege, Mr. Wu said he would ask Ms. Allbright treat Senators with more respect.
He's not going to just sit there and take that, is he?

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