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Wednesday, December 12, 2007
Another exclamation point

A year or so ago, California voted to spend a shitload of money for no apparent reason because they hate sex offenders. One consequence is that paroled sex offenders can't live in cities, because schools and parks are packed too closely to fit anyone more than 2,000 feet away from them.

Some folks are suing for various reasons. I can't say that the case has much merit, based on my complete lack of legal knowledge and a likely-inaccurate/incomplete Chronicle article, but I think there's a reasonable possibility that I'm wrong on that.

Some guy defending the state, though, has this awesome comment:
"The residency restriction affects only where an offender may live," the attorney, Kenneth Mennemeier, wrote in court papers. "It does not expel offenders from their communities."
That's right. It only prohibits them from living in their communities. It doesn't expel them from those communities. Those are totally different things.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 12/12/2007 06:18:00 PM #
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right! they can't live in places close to schools and parks and crap, but they can definitely frequent there as much as they'd like. Creepy.

I hate Megan's law and all that jazz...it's so dehumanizing to require criminals to out themselves. I consider it a cruel form of punishment. Convicted meth dealers aren't required to warn their neighbors of their habitation , but I would argue meth dealers pose a greater threat than convicted sex offenders. Sex offenders may pose a threat, sure, but that threat isn't absolute in all cases. Sex offenders include statutory rapists of a particularly mild degree; there's some California law that requires medical officials to report situations in which men over the age of eighteen impregnate women under the age of 18. So, even consentual sex can result in a sex offender...but that doesn't mean that father is a predator of any means. Even child molesters can't all be assumed to be repeat and malicious offenders. Just like alcoholics, people can be rehabilitated and lead lives in which they work every day towards not falling into past habits and activities.
Weird rant.
The recidivism rate for pedophiles is actually quite high...I wonder how Dr. Anonymous arrived at that conclusion.
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