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Tuesday, November 06, 2007
Sometime on ASUC

So, I've been a bit busy to take care of reporting from minutes (which have themselves been late recently), but I figure no one reads those, anyway. The agenda packet:

A Bill in Support of the Greek Opportunity Fund: $10,000 from the ASUC Commercial Revenue Holding Fund to the Greek Opportunity Fund.

A Bill in Support of Spring Welcome Week: $10,000 from the ASUC Commercial Revenue Holding Fund to Spring Welcome Week.

A Resolution In Support Of Promoting Hepatitis B Prevention and Awareness at Cal: The ASUC says "Hey, stop getting Hepatitis B!" or something. I think there might be some federal bills floating around they want to throw the ASUC's weighty support behind.

A Bill In Support Of the ASUC Grants Program: $30,000 from the Carry Forward Holding Fund to a bunch of grant funds. It looks like the ASUC just discovered a box of money laying around or something.

A Bill in Support of Amending Title II: Sponsorship of the ASUC By-laws: Ah, a real bill. This establishes a more specific formula for dealing with student groups that break ASUC rules. The Senate can recommend charges be filed against a group by 2/3 vote through a main motion, and the Attorney General can do so himself. Student groups have to be convicted in the Judicial Council to get their funding revoked.

It also cuts in half the amount of time folks can object to the use of their funds, and makes it so that they can only object to student groups or activities who are political, religious, etc. in accordance with their constitution, rather than "in nature." Of course, activities don't have constitutions, so I don't see how that works. Similarly, it seems that, under this by-law, student groups can immunize themselves from having to provide refunds for ideological activities so long as they claim they won't engage in them in their constitution.

In any case, it doesn't fix the problem that allocations are made in ways other than "publication of funded groups," in which case students have no apparent recourse.

A Bill in Support of a new Senate Chambers Webcam: I have no idea what happened to the last webcam plan. Here's $100 to get a new webcam.

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