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Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Left turn only

Tom Pessah has what strikes me as an odd criticism about the Israel bill thingie:
Let's say you were concerned about the 6.5 million Californians who lack medical insurance. You try and raise awareness about this issue. You start discussions with those around you. And here are some of the answers you get: "What you really want to do is to destroy California!" "But California has produced some of the world's best music, and also has great beaches;" "We don't oppose health care for Californians—we just don't have a position on it." Anything but the reaction you were hoping for, which would be to admit there is a problem, and to try and discuss ways of fixing it.
It seems those complaints are equally valid against those who didn't want the bill to pass because it didn't mention stuff they wanted mentioned. After all, the people "start"ing the discussion here were the pro-Israel folks.

Let's say you wanted to raise awareness about how California has produced some of the world's best music, and also has great beaches. And here is one of the answers you get: "6.5 million Californians lack medical insurance!"

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 11/13/2007 12:02:00 AM #
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but... but...

the discussion is about the US-israel relationaship, right? how is the fac tthatthe us is giving israel billions of dollars in military aid every year "irrelevant"? isn't this a part of the relationship? isn't it relevant to ask what's being done with this money?
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