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Wednesday, November 21, 2007
Haha, you lose!

Reuben Duarte's whining about ASUC Senators Kunert and Jackson was dismissed today after settlements were reached with both. The settlement with Jackson essentially says "Whoops, my bad!" Apparently, Duarte was pissed about some completely different comment about somebody totally different. Or something.

The settlement with Kunert includes, essentially, an apology. That's right, Duarte went to the Judicial Council in order to get an apology. And not even a real apology.
KUNERT accepts responsibility for making a comment in the ASUC lobby to DUARTE before his second Judicial Council interview. KUNERT apologizes for any negative feelings DUARTE may have experienced as a result.
I'm sorry you felt bad.

At the settlement meeting, I laughed my ass off at Duarte's ignorance. He was pretty protective of his evidence and sources, insisting that he didn't have to reveal anything until the trial. He was, of course, demanding settlements based on this unknown evidence (which, in Jackson's case, wasn't even related to him). Among his comments:

"If you guys admit you did anything wrong, that pretty much ends your ASUC career, right?"

Oh, man. Previous ASUC Executives have lied to the Judicial Council and tampered with evidence. One current ASUC executive voted to give his own party's attorney over $20,000. Other errors include "Whoops, sorry we forgot to appoint an Attorney General, I guess most of what we've been doing is illegal" and "Hey, where'd the bookswap money go?" And Duarte thought an admission that Senators had pre-existing, biased opinions about a Judicial Council nominee would bring their careers to a screeching halt?

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