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Nap Time!!!

Friday, November 02, 2007

On cue, here I go:
There’s usually a lot of grumbling when the ASUC is mentioned. The association has the unfortunate reputation of being a student government disconnected from the campus population and ineffective against decreasing student costs. However, the Class Pass fee reduction demonstrates how the ASUC possesses the potential and capacity to act in the interests of students.
It also has the potential and capacity to increase student fees, a capacity it has used to a far greater extent than this tiny reduction. Hence, the grumbling will continue until the ASUC stops.
Yes, the fee reduction for each individual student is quite small—$1.50 won’t even get you a decent, filling snack around here. However, though the amount may not be much, students, who are already burdened by heavy costs, should not have to pay a cent for a service that doesn't deliver.
The Daily Cal endorsed the Health Care fee, to make the old useless Tang Center into the grand health care facility it is today. It also endorsed the subsidy for the RSF, which by its very terms doesn't deliver to anyone who manages to exercise without fancy expensive toys.
If the ASUC and Graduate Assembly had not exposed this issue, students would still be contributing more than $66,000 a year for some phantom public transportation feature.
Remember when the ASUC and Graduate Assembly tried to get us to pay a fee six times as large as this for a vague promise of maybe having something to say in the future? I think I'll save my praise for now.

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