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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Reuben Duarte, failed Judicial Council candidate, was really pissed off at his interview process and has filed a Judicial Couoncil suit against Senators Chad Kunert and Corey Jackson because they were mean and biased and unprofessional, or something.

Duarte looks like a law student, because the whole thing is written as if he was writing a brief for a court case. He's not, and he probably needs to realize that.

He doesn't appear to be requesting any reasonable remedy, although he is demanding the removal of the Senators, and there's no fucking way the Judicial Council has that authority.

His complaints seem to be:

The interview process was unprofessional (Ha! At least you got an interview)

People had pre-existing opinions about his nomination (Uh... welcome to the ASUC?)

People were badmouthing him (Ditto)

The door wasn't closed to protect his privacy (He had no such right under the Constitution)

I've only had a cursory look over the charges, so maybe I'll have more later. But it looks pretty frivolous to me, so far.

As a side note, for a person who supposedly studied the By-Laws and Constitution, he doesn't seem to know what the ASUC is. He wants Kunert removed "from the ASUC" and identified himself as a non-member (which would mean he wasn't eligible for the Judicial Council post in the first place).

I'm not even sure the Judicial Council will accept the case, though he has made hints of going to "big people court."

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 11/13/2007 01:22:00 PM #
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