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Friday, October 26, 2007

As for tactics, we can examine events on campus this past week. Yesterday, for example, BCR hosted an event titled "Voices of Terror," where members of the group recited the words of radical terrorist leaders. Many of the quotes chosen were taken out of context and clearly attempted to equate Islam with terrorism. This tactic was mere child's play.

In this piece, we could easily employ the same tactic by printing quotes from David Horowitz and his line-up of this week's extreme speakers. But such a move would merely mimic the same political strategies we find reprehensible.
Such a move was also exactly what happened. While the greenshirts can say "It wasn't us!" so can BCR to almost everything in the op-ed. As far as conclusions about the goal of the event ("to equate Islam with terrorism"), there is nothing to support them, and it reeks of... yes... prejudice.
The racist ideology and terminology promoted by supports of Horowitz failed to produce the organization's anticipated response. Students comically laughed at the sign held up on Sproul Plaza on Monday, which sought to feminize and attack Islam through the figure of the female body labeled as oppressed and abused. Instead of yelling and screaming, they stood together.
There actually was a lot of yelling and screaming at the guy holding a sign up on Sproul Plaza on Monday (who, as far as I know, wasn't part of "the organization.").

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