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Monday, October 22, 2007

I saw a bunch of these posters all over campus on Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week. It's mostly "I know you are, but what am I?" stuff. For folks opposed to using events and language to demonize and isolate large groups of people, they sure don't hesitate to call everyone who supports it a reactionary racist fascist. Oh, and dangerous. It's actually sort of sad, because most of what they complain about is barely applicable here at Cal.

After complaining about the women's studies department sit-in (not happening here), they complain about promotion of Christianity (not that I've heard of), Bush (not the most popular fellow in Berkeley College Republicans), and the chill in academia for liberal professors (HAHAHA!). They then condemn organizers for bringing folks out to speak like David Horowitz (not here), Rick Santorum (nope), Michael Ledeen (sorry, try again), and Ann Counter (0 for 4).

In other news, the ASUC took out a full page ad in the Daily Cal (with our money) promoting the "Peace, not Prejudice" event, which is a response, even if not billed as such, sponsored by every group and their mom. Ironically, due to their prejudice, supporters did not approach BCR to co-sponsor (which it probably would have agreed to do).

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The posters you refer to are not put up by Coalition members. I think BCR, given that it is putting on IFAW, kind of does not fall in line with the Coalition's principles.
Haha. Indeed. IFAW is not only BCR-sponsored, it's ASUC-sponsored, yet the ASUC is considered in line with the Coalition's principles. BCR sponsorship does not work all that differently from ASUC sponsorship, in that BCR will sponsor and publicize events that the club as a whole has little interest in, or even opposition to. The different standard used for BCR is what I referred to as "prejudice."
Technically, there is no money exchanged between the ASUC and the Daily Cal for the ad. They give the ASUC ad space (along with other benefits) in exchange for using a floor of Eshleman for their office space.
Yeah yeah, and affirmative action is highly offensive reverse racism, standard procedure: the wolf cries sheep
Beetle, are you still the same old pseudo-contrarian hack for Berkeley College Republicans that you've always been? If you're so smart, why are you still in grad school?
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