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Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Some coverage of IFAW

Andrew Marcus, with a group of folks calling themselves "Incorrect U," has a video covering some stuff from yesterday. They aren't, as far as I know, directly affiliated with BCR, and a quick look through their site suggests they're the type of folks that BCR was trying hard not to be for IFAW.

Crazy-guy-with-a-sign, mentioned first, is referred to as a "participant," though, as far as I know, he has no affiliation with IFAW. I think he's the crazy guy who occasionally shows up condemning gays to hell. He seems pretty popular with the Incorrect U folks, though, so I think they just enjoy seeing liberals pissed off.

Yaman Salahi makes an unnamed appearance as "Some guy organizing against IFAW with SJP."

Nonie Darwish accuses Muslim student organizations of trying to spread radical Islam in America, and being backed by the Saudis.

It looks like the quote below from some disruptor saying that Darwish was "racist filth" was wrong. It sounds a lot more like he's saying she's communicating "racist filth" (I couldn't tell the word he used, but the sentence structure makes it impossible to be as quoted).

One guy is bitching about how some other guy was being arrested, although it seemed pretty clear that it wasn't the case. Do people think being detained/questioned by police equals being arrested? (My understanding was that the dude was not, in the end, arrested.)

The piece ends with some more "I know you are but what am I"ism.

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