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Wednesday, October 03, 2007
Nude pictures of ASUC Senators

Now that I have your attention (actually, that might make you direct your attention elsewhere), let's talk about boring legal technicalities.

The ASUC Constitution allows closed sessions for a few specific reasons:
The ASUC Senate, the Judicial Council, the Graduate Assembly, and subordinate units of these bodies may hold closed sessions only if two-thirds (2/3) of their entire membership approve. Such closed sessions may be held only for the discussion or consideration of the following:

Matters concerning the appointment, employment, performance, compensation, or dismissal of ASUC employees, excluding elected and appointed officers.
This struck me as rather strange. Why are personnel decisions closed in many public organizations? The decision, in my opinion, really needs to belong to the employee in question, rather than the body evaluating them. Decisions to open or close sessions become brutally political, and the Senate could easily close a session to avoid humiliating itself because the reason it wants to fire someone has nothing to do with the actual job. There is some precedent for this. (Abbreviated version)

I'm interested in seeing this on the ballot for the Spring, and am soliciting opinions from folks. If you have thoughts on the topic, pitch them!

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