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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The interesting thing about this story is not the Republican debate that may be on campus in the future, but why the Daily Cal is able to do a story on it. After all, publicizing it now before the contract is finalized could easily derail the negotiations, yet there's the university spokesperson talking about it, almost as if... oh. I see. Maybe they aren't as "excited" about it as Janet Gilmore says.
ASUC President Van Nguyen expressed concern that the event would be geared toward Republicans rather than the entire campus community.
No! Such an event, geared towards a specific group of people, should never be held on campus! (Hint 1: It's actually going to be geared towards Republicans not in Berkeley)
"It shouldn't be a quick media opportunity," Nguyen said. "Many students' voices need to be heard."
Really? I would think the point of a presidential debate is to have the candidates' voices heard. I kind of doubt that "students' voices" would be able to present themselves in a civilized manner here at Cal. (Hint 2: The Republicans are counting on Cal folks to make fools of themselves. See Hint 1)

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Two administrators meet for coffee to talk about family and books.

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