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Saturday, October 06, 2007
In other news

I'm told that UC Davis's graduate student government has followed its undergrad government and withdrawn from the UCSA. Maybe there is something wrong with the UCSA, rather than with Davis, as Danny Montes insists...

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 10/06/2007 11:30:00 PM #
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I don't get it. Has Montes Publicly said that there is something wrong with UCSA?
No, he's said there's something wrong with the Davis undergrads.
i disagree... danny has not said there's anything wrong with davis undergrads or any students for that matter. he's said that there is an appropriate manner of addressing grievances and one that undermines fellow students. he has also advocated for the rights of all uc students (including davis undergrads) to white line at regents meetings even though uc office of the president has told davis undergrads that they may not, as long as asucd is not a member of ucsa.
UCSA does far more to undermine the student voice than Davis does. But this is the problem. To Montes, the UCSA and the student voice are inseparable, and undermining the UCSA is the same thing as undermining students. This is, in my opinion, a load of shit, and if people are bailing, then maybe the UCSA doesn't represent the students the way Montes thinks it does.

As far as standing up for the right to whiteline, I get a very different impression from these details from the third Senate meeting of the year:

"UC Davis pulled out of the UCSA and wanted to have the privileges that were given to the UCSA."

"If they want privileges the UCSA had to lobby for, then the Davis students should talk to the UCSA."
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