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Nap Time!!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007
In a number of days that takes us to next week on ASUC

Whee. Berkeley College Republicans wants a Special Order for next week in the ASUC Senate.

A Bill in Support of ASUC Representation for the Berkeley Student Cooperative: This will create an officer, like the Greek Affairs Officer, but for the Co-ops.

A Resolution in Support of Mental Health Awareness Week 2007: Includes this easily-abused clause:
that the ASUC supports the work of all student leaders, student groups, and campus programs that work to educate students on mental health issues, promote available resources and services, and encourage students to seek needed help
Can I claim to be a student leader educating students on the issues related to crazy folks, and then claim the ASUC's support?

Directed Action Requesting that the UC Berkeley Administration Temporarily Reduce the Class Pass Fee by $1.50 per semester: GA Prez Daniels and Senator Rhoads wrote this bill which seeks to get our Class Pass fee reduced since the stuff that we apparently agreed on when we passed it, such as Translink, never happened, and won't in the immediate future. Now, admittedly, it does seem a bit odd that Josh Daniels, who last year pushed a fee increase without any kind of agreement for what the money would get us, would now want to get our money's worth, but hey, good luck with that. I have a hard time seeing the campaign as successful, since it seems the university can just say "no!" and that would be that.

They also want the funds already collected for this purpose to be held in escrow. Ha. Haha. I'm sure the university made that distinction when budgeting.

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