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Tuesday, October 09, 2007
In eight days or so

A Bill Against Islamic-Fascism Awareness Week: No one shall express an opinion on campus without the ASUC getting its two cents in:
Therefore let it be resolved, that the ASUC stands in solidarity with the Coalition Against Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week in strongly condemning the stance and manner of which this event has been presented,
There's a Coalition Against Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week. That's pretty funny. How has this event been presented, by the way?

A Resolution in Support of the University of California-Wide Count Me In! Campaign: This is a campaign to disaggregate "Asian Americans" for the purposes of racial bean-counting.

A Resolution in Support of Lower Ticket Prices for Students to the ASUC's 120th Anniversary Gala: This is an attempt to subsidize ticket prices for 100 students $70 each to the aforementioned Gala. As you might expect, elected officials are going to get first dibs at these tickets. Because what's the point in helping students if you can't help yourself first? Sponsored by Student Action, of course (and written by Vishal Gupta).

A Bill for Improved Procedures: This is an attempt to eliminate straw polls in the Senate.

A Resolution in Support of Equal Protection and Free Expression: In further fallout from the SJP insurance thingie, it's a bill to suggest that, in the future, the ASUC will provide support to all groups who are targeted by the stupid "bias-motivated" category of crimes.

A Resolution in Support of ASUC's 120th Anniversary Gala: A competing proposal to the one above, this one puts money into Contingency and Greek Philanthropy and then provides a smaller subsidy ($30 on 50 tickets). It also doesn't include the first dibs for elected officials. Sponsored by CalSERVE, and gets my all-important endorsement as the better choice.

A Bill in Support of the Greek Opportunity Fund: Another attempt to give Greeks an opportunity to seek funding, this one allows them to seek funding for open-to-the-public events in specific categories. It will occur through a "Greek Opportunity Fund," the proposed new name for Greek Philanthropy, and organizations that get money from it will not be allowed to get money from Contingency. I think it also frees organizations that don't get such funding to seek money from Contingency.

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