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Nap Time!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

More of that false journalistic neutrality that Becky O'Malley is so proud of:
Organized by KSFO radio personality Melanie Morgan, chair of Move America Forward, pro-war, anti-Islamic and anti-immigration demonstrators converged on the Berkeley Recruiting Center Wednesday, caravaning into town with their SUVs and Harleys decked out in American flags to face off with Code Pink, the anti-war group that has held vigils in front of the 64 Shattuck Square Marine Recruitment Office for three weeks.
Anti-Islamic, you say? Are you sure they aren't more in the anti-Muslims-who-want-to-kill-us vein? The protester they quote seems to take that approach. And they don't quote one of those anti-immigrant folks, so you can't really tell if they mean anti-illegal-immigrant.
Judy Christopher of Code Pink had brought her baby to the demonstration. "As a mother, I don't want my son to grow up to kill people," she said.
Instead, I'm going to use him as a political tool.

Ilona Sturm had this to add:
Today's passion and divided Shattuck pushed the ante up. It brought out people from their slumber. No one on either side wants anyone to die. In this, we are united. But the patriots don't have much say beyond their rhetoric, indignation, and insults.

Code Pink is doing Berkeley a great honor by focusing our energies on the recruiting center and creating greater passion and urgency around something that is a life and death issue; for the Iraqis, for the servicewomen and men, and for you and me.
Yes, Code Pink has so much more to offer than just rhetoric, indignation, and insults. Did I mention the Code Pink folks calling their counter protesters killers?

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