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Friday, October 26, 2007
Actually, the week wasn't all that Islamo-Fascist

The Daily Planet tries to cover UC happenings with its usual reliability, beginning with getting the name of the event wrong.
Khalid told the Planet that BCR's actions were threatening the safety of women wearing a hijab on campus.

"There was a man here on campus not affiliated with BCR who was carrying a huge sign that said 'Islam Abuses Women' and that it 'promoted polygamy and wifebeating' ... If you are someone who has no idea about what Islam is then that message could give the wrong impression."
Okay, so these two statements are explicitly not linked, but they seem to be written as such. Let's suppose, for a second, that the ridiculous suggestion that someone would see the crazy dude's sign and decide ISLAM BAAAAD!!! was true. How would that threaten hijab-wearing women? How else were hijab-wearing women threatened?
UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau stopped by the Pride Not Prejudice table Wednesday.

"You are doing the right thing," he told the students smiling.

He later told the Planet that the university was obligated to let students express their views since Berkeley was the birthplace of free speech.

"My pride lies with Peace Not Prejudice because they are conducting themselves in a dignified manner when they are being subjected to insult."
Yes, it was the Peace Not Prejudice folks who were being subjected to insult. Recall their piece declaring themselves the knowers of other students' opinions, beliefs, and motives.

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Somehow, I find it exceedingly hard to imagine that someone would read a sign that says "Islam promotes wifebeating and abuse of women," and would thus feel inspired to go and abuse an Islamic woman.
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