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Nap Time!!!

Friday, September 07, 2007

So, that Judicial Council case got accepted. The hearing's scheduled for Sept. 24, which actually leaves enough time for the Senate to have two meetings. That means they can completely bypass the hearing with a legitimate by-law suspension, either to allow the two committee appointments to be combined, or to allow them to renominate two for each committee (they may be able to do this latter one without a suspension, though it's a bit weird, since they already did make appointments which haven't yet been declared unconstitutional). I sure hope they do one of these, because hearings are terrible, and usually pretty pointless.

There may not be enough support, though, for either. Gabe Weiner moved to reconsider combining the nominations for the two committees, and that motion failed 10-10. The original motion to combine the two passed by unanimous consent, but this probably just meant no one was quick enough to decide to oppose it. (This, of course, is the reason By-Law suspensions shouldn't be done without public notice. Judging from the motion to reconsider, had the motion to combine the two been done through a bill, so that Senators would have had time to think about it, it may have failed. The will of Senators shouldn't be bypassed simply by moving so fast that no one can decide anything.)

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