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Nap Time!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

As expected, Alex Kozak was picked for ASUC Attorney General. They didn't decide on a Solicitor General, probably because their only two applicants are Ross Lingenfelder (the president of Berkeley College Republicans) and me. Watch them scramble to find a warm body to serve as placeholder.

If only they were required to give explanations for their decisions... what a riot that would be.

Bumped: I guess I should fill you in on some of the things that went on for this appointment. Apparently, they had to use an implicit nomination period, where, I guess, ASUC officials "should have known" they were supposed to nominate people. This sloppily attempts to get around the requirement to have nominations open for a week.

They also decided not to do interviews. To a certain extent, this is a more honest approach, because it better reflects how most of the Senate really does its decision making. (that is, they normally make their decision first, and then hold a sham interview/hearing/etc. when appointing/removing/etc. folks which has no impact whatsoever on anyone's decision) Still, if they don't want that to be their image, they sure aren't doing a good job of avoiding it.

I might post some pieces of my application later.

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Kozak :)
Motherfucker. I even checked, apparently discovering that I've NEVER spelt it right
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