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Nap Time!!!

Friday, September 14, 2007
State gives people permission to dream

Illegal immigrants get money! Yay!
"We live in a very competitive world and for California to continue to excel, we need to use every bit of talent available," said Chancellor Robert Birgeneau. "Undocumented students made their way all the way to Berkeley and that shows they are exceptionally talented people who overcame enormous barriers."
Hmm... this "if you got here, you must be talented" approach intrigues me. I assume, then, that Chancellor Bob 2.0 also supports allowing students who falsified transcripts when applying to stay, right? Speaking of using every bit of talent available, where does out-of-state tuition fit? That seems a bit at odds with this idea. All that matters is that they have the talent to get here, right?
Students are also pointing to the passage of the act as a victory after their large scale lobbying efforts.

The UCSA, the system-wide student association, partnered with a student group at UCLA and the UCLA Labor Center to advocate for the bill by lobbying at the state Capitol, said president Oiyan Poon.
How are those fee increase fights going? Do we just not get representation if we're in the country legally?

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