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Nap Time!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007
Other stuff, last week on ASUC

Van says:
Regarding the Athletic Center, Mr. Nguyen said he would bring something interesting up to explain the role of the ASUC in this discussion. The ASUC funded, created, and built Memorial Stadium. This was something he just found out a couple of days ago, and the reason students needed to be involved in the process, and why this meeting was so important. Students built Memorial Stadium. He wasn't sure where the ownership transitioned, or what happened, but students built Memorial Stadium, and they deserved a voice in this process.
Maybe he's just not clear on the concept of "transition of ownership." I don't sell my books and then demand they be used in a particular way on the theory that "I used to own it!"

It appears that instead of being angry about pictures of black men, they're going to be angry about the use of the term "manhunt."
Ms. Winston said that last week she told them that she might not want to be their friends,...
Yay! Someone who appreciates that contention in governance is a good thing, and that the Senate isn't about a bunch of pals hanging out and spending other folks' money on their own consciences and...
...and she made that comment out of frustration.
Oh. Nevermind, then.
During their training, on the last day, they wrote on the board what they appreciated about each other.
Some training. Is this what we pay for?
Finally, Ms. Winston said she got a job on Tuesday.
Oh, that's what we pay for. Senators need us to pay for all kinds of employees to run Senate meetings so that Senators can tell us about their employment adventures.

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