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Tuesday, September 18, 2007
Next week on ASUC

Ganesh Nagaraj, President, Art of Living
...... Okay. Thanks for putting our time and money to good use, Senators.

A Bill in Support of Students for Justice in Palestine: SJP got their signboard hammered. Now they want money for it. Corey Jackson wants to give them money for it. It's like insurance, but free!

A Bill in Against Hate Crimes and For Solidarity at UC-Berkeley: So does Nadir Shams:
WHEREAS, this act of vandalism is clearly recognized as a malicious hate crime not just against the student group but against the entire Pro-Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim populations at UC Berkeley
... um... clear recognition doesn't mean what it once did.
WHEREAS, nationally, Muslims are a, highly victimized community and in the United States, post-9/11; and
Muslims get victimized at a much higher rate just about anywhere else. Especially in Muslim countries.

This bill also wants to bring back some task force, because when it comes to fighting hate crimes, there's nothing better than a task force.

A Bill to Select the New ASUC Lawyer: A chance! Mark "White Flag and a Checkbook" Himelstein's contract expires after this academic year. Maybe the ASUC can get someone who's willing to represent his client, rather than the opposition, in disputes.

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