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Friday, September 07, 2007
Highly effective ASUC resolutions

Football-hippie-tree thing!
After hearing from many community members, the ASUC Senate passed a bill at their meeting Wednesday night expressing support for the Student Athlete High Performance Center and calling for continued negotiation efforts between the city and university over the project.
That doesn't sound all that strong, actually...
In its final form, it urges further settlement attempts between the city and university, and includes an amendment requiring ASUC President Van Nguyen to set up a meeting to facilitate discussion between stakeholders with an interest in the stadium area project.
There's the problem... not enough Van. With Van, everything will work out. Does the ASUC suck even at making meaningless resolutions, now?
"When you side with the system, there is something wrong. The system is always oppressing," said CalSERVE senator Roxanne Winston.
That's a pretty absolute statement. Does that make Winston an oppressor, for being part of the ASUC system? Did she think the stereotype of Berkeley students being against things just for the sake of rebellion needed reinforcement?
Many students and community members came to the meeting to voice concerns over the bill, particularly those who are opposed to the planned removal of 26 coast live oak trees at the site of the planned athletic center.

"Football is not going to stop global warming," said Zachary RunningWolf, a protester and former mayoral candidate.
Um... neither will 26 trees. Apparently, it's wrong to do anything that doesn't stop global warming. I realize it's an important issue for a lot of folks, but that doesn't mean everything else is wrong. Imagine a conversation with RunningWolf on some other topic:

You: I could really go for some pancakes...

RunningWolf: Pancakes are not going to stop global warming!

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"...a meeting to facilitate discussion between stakeholders..."

my Dilbert-o-meter is pinging like mad...
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