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Nap Time!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I discovered that the reason I didn't get a whole lot of information about the "Jenna 6" was because they were actually the "Jena 6," and the people who wrote the bill did what Senators often do: fuck up. Thus, my information was limited to those who had similarly misspelled the name of the town.

By the way, does the use of obviously one-sided reports actually help the cause? All it does for me is tell me that I need to go somewhere else if I want to find out what happened. E.g.:
In one incident, a black student was assaulted by a white adult as he entered a predominantly white party. After being struck in the face without warning, the young black student was assaulted by white students wielding beer bottles and was punched and kicked before adults broke up the fight.


Shortly after the lunch hour of Monday, December 4, 2006, a fight between a white student and a black student reportedly ended with the white student (Justin Barker, later arrested for having a rifle with 13 bullets in his truck in the school parking lot) being knocked to the floor. Several black students reportedly attacked the white student as he lay unconscious.
Were the other details not reported? Could they be asserted as fact without the "reportedly" prefix? Especially since the use of beer bottles in that first fight was disputed?

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