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Nap Time!!!

Thursday, April 05, 2007
Oh, and by the way

Oren Gabriel suddenly finds it necessary to inform the student body in a system-wide e-mail of all the things the ASUC has "done." Oh, and by the way, remember to vote.

(By the way, my understanding is that in order to do this, he needs to go through the university. But no worries, we can always trust them to keep our best interests at heart and not allow themselves to be used to Student Action's benefit)

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 4/05/2007 05:58:00 PM #
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you're a fuckin idiot. Get a life. Oh wait, you dont have one. The two main events that he mentioned (spring Concert and Dance Marathon) are both philatrophic events that will raise more for Darfur and Pediatric Aids. The email simply informs students which events are going on in a non-biased manner. The fact is, the more people that go to these events, the better off these charities are. The email has nothing to do with the fact that elections are coming up, but rather the fact that both events are coming up very soon.
... Did you read the e-mail? e.g. The part which mentioned elections coming up?
By the way, if Oren is the type to inform folks about what's "coming up very soon," what are we to make of the fact that we haven't received such e-mails in the past?

Possibility 1: The ASUC hasn't done anything all year.

Possibility 2: The ASUC hasn't done anything all year, and specifically designed the programs to come to fruition around election time.
Anonybots have names now?!?
fact to check: I'm pretty sure those campus-wide emails cost a grip.
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