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Thursday, April 12, 2007
More shit-talking

This time, it's from Jennifer Avelino, also about Van Nguyen. Also through Facebook. It's long as fuck, so I'm going to just take pieces. (Available in full here) It was apparently in response to the Daily Cal's endorsement of Van for prez.
I do NOT support Van for President!
Imagine that. From a Student Action senator, no less.
In leiu of today's Daily Cal endorsment of Van Nguyen, I thought I should share my experiences with CalSERVE candidate Van Nguyen. Let's get this clear. He has shown no interest in serving ALL students on this campus. He is only about empowering the minority voice. What about the rest of us? He did not support Spring Concert which would serve over 3,000 students.
Wow! That is everybody on campus! Not a minority at all! How could he not support it?
He did not support fixing the Cannon, which impacts 20,000+ students.
That could be... uh... worded differently.
He did not support the Student Life fee which affects well over 28,000 students.
It actually affects all students, since it is a mandatory fee increase. And it's not like none of those 28,000 (wherever the number comes from) would be entertained without the fee. Then again, odd bookkeepping is not new for her.
He did not support the Student Union Complex Fee which would support almost ALL the students.
See, this is exactly wrong. That fee supports nobody, since it doesn't do anything. It supports the University.
He has shown no support for current activities in the President's office. President Gabriel has worked very hard with the administration to get the Lower Sproul redevelopment project off the ground. He and AAVP Joyce Liou have even put together student forums to hear the student voice.
Where's the loyalty?
It is clear that the university will not move unless students are ready to put down a monetary committment. Van thinks that money is not the solution. What the heck does he know? He hasn't been involved with Lower Sproul Redevelopment at ALL!! His only involvement is asking whether or no there will be a multicultural center in the plans. This project is going to cost the university millions of dollars! A nice student union is a privilage not a RIGHT! We have to show we are committed. He hasn't shown that committment at all.
Well, it's good to see where Avelino falls on the question of who should pay for it. You know who else hasn't shown committment? The university. What the heck does Avelino know?
His sentiment that "Students should not have to pay for their voice" will fall flat on its face when NOTHING is done next year.
So, if it passes, and "NOTHING is done next year," which is what is required by the referendum, will she take back this complaint?
Representing his community? I think not! Van wanted to lower the amount of money for the VSA Culture Show. What? That's your community!! He said he wanted to be more financially responsible and leave more money to other groups. If you're not supporting your own community, then who ARE you supporting?
His community is VSA, eh? Stick to your kind, boy! We don't need that interracial communificatin', boy.

Then there's some bitching about Jessica Wren, some of which is somewhat valid.
Van said that she will act professionally. She has sent emails to the entire senate disrespecting me and my role as a senator.
I want to see these e-mails!
She has not come to a senate meeting during the campaign season, and she probably won't.
Did you need her for something?
She said that she would mark off the polling stations before the elections so no chalking violations will occur in those areas. Where are the markings? It's the day before voting and its the first time I've seen advertisements for voting posted up.
If Avelino actually showed up to ASUC functions, such as last year's Judicial Council hearings, she'd know the answer to the question of "where are those markings." The University doesn't allow the Elections Council to put them down until the night before/morning of voting.
Cal is a community. It encompasses the students, the faculty, the staff, and the administrators. Van supports more ASUC independence from the administration. Well there is a reason there is an administration in the first place. First and foremost we are students, and the ASUC should come second. The administrators are there to put the ASUC first, the students first. Without their support, a student would be overwhelmed, and lots of things would not get done. The Cal community needs to work TOGETHER to accomplish things. Not independently.
Wow. Just fucking wow. Why not just say "Let's let the university run the ASUC" and be done with it.
I have sat in senate with him this past year and all I have seen from him are complaints. He's been running his presidential campaign since day 1 and has spent little time making CHANGE this year. What makes you think he'll make any change next year. He complains about the executive offices, but takes no action in changing things. So much progress has been made in the president's office. Voting for Van is taking a step backwards. Actions speak louder than words, and Van has been a sitting duck in senate this year.
That tends to happen with minority parties. Not being a majority, it's tough to get your way in the Senate.
Why I support Ilana Nankin?
She bleeds BLUE and GOLD.
She's an alien?
As a good friend of mine, I have sat with her to talk about my goals in the Asian American community. She has shown me that she has an open mind about issues, and continues to offer her assistance in achieving my goals. Unlike Van who constantly criticizes me efforts. (Bitter? Yes.)
My feelings! Won't somebody think about my feelings? Don't be critical! It's mean! That's not what you're supposed to do as a representative of students!
Being a woman, the first one in 10 years, would not only empower women on this campus but show the world that Cal is PROGESSING.
But not away from white Jews. Or Gabriels, for that matter.

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Where'd you get this? I can't find it on Facebook anymore.
It was sent to her friends, of which I am one, obviously. I don't think it was ever posted.
Oh my, hilarious.

The reason there has not been a woman president in 10 years is that Student Action, which has won 8 out of those 10 years, has kept nominating men until this year! CalSERVE in that same time has nominated 4 men and 4 women.
*I might be off by 1 somewhere, but the general point holds. Student Action hadn't nominated a female candidate for president in 9 or 10 years, before Ilana Nankin.
cool, so calserve arbitrarily uses sex as a factor in nominations? thats awesome.blow calserve
Did I say that?
"Van said that SHE will act professionally. SHE has sent emails to the entire senate disrespecting me and my role as a senator.

SHE has not come to a senate meeting during the campaign season, and SHE probably won't."

I'm pretty sure refering to Van as a woman doesn't do much to show a personal connection with him.
Oh, she's trash-talking Jessica Wren there. I guess that might not have been all that clear.
I'm sure Jessica Wren is doing the best job she can, but I also have to agree with the comment that there has not been very much publicity about remembering to vote. I expect turnout to be lower this year than last.
SA seemed really interested in making sure that there was a female president last year, lemme tell ya...

I'm pretty sure their loyalty runs deeper towards the Gabriel clan...particularly given that they straight up told me that they don't run women for pres. It takes Gabriel blood to over come their chauvinism.
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